It all started when I was first started watching Press Your Luck when I was a little boy....
Like most kids in the 1980s, I would always like to watch my lineups of game shows that aired on the Big Three networks, USA and CBN/Fam/etc. But one of my most favorite game shows of all was Press Your Luck. I don't know why; maybe it was the way that flashing light bounced all around the board or the auras of the show (the orange backrounds and the blue squares in the audience) or the spaces on tbe board like BIG BUCKS or $700 + ONE SPIN or $5000 + ONE SPIN or the ever-popular Whammies. Maybe it was a combination of all of them, including the board sound.
The point is, Press Your Luck has and will always be a part of my life.
I didn't really see Bargain Hunters because I didn't know about it. Perhaps most people didn't. But what I did see a post-Tomarken show called Wipeout on USA. I just thought that Peter and Wipeout didn't go together because he was all Press Your Luck. I think what USA wanted to do was air both to show that no matter what Peter does, he would always be associated with Press Your Luck. However, when I did see Wipeout, I think there was some connection to Press Your Luck. Whenever a WIPEOUT occured, I connect that with a Whammy. I think Peter did too in an episode. Wipeout was interesting, but it was no Press Your Luck. Years later, I would always associate the word Wipeout as a post-Press Your Luck show that Peter Tomarken hosted.
Peter trying to get the Whammy and Press Your Luck out of his system on Wipeout.
Peter on Paranoia, live on Game Show ---I mean Fox Family Channel
In 2000, I saw an ad for this new interactive game show called Paranoia on Fox Family Channel. I was shockingly surprised when I heard that voice and saw that face. It was Peter Tomarken! Wow! Another post-PYL game! This would be my next experience with Peter after about 17 years of watching and admiring Press Your Luck. Too bad Paranoia didn't last long.
Peter on Hit Man, the start of a very successful game show career.
In 1997, I read in my Total Television book about a show called Hit Man that Peter Tomarken hosted before, during, and after my birth. I couldn't get an inkling as to how this game was played. When I obtained access to the internet, I noticed a site based on Hit Man, the sight and sounds of the show ("Let's set the board.")  and the ever popular "forget it!" line given by Rod Roddy. Years later I was able to get an actual viewers' feel of the show thanks to Greg and Lucas. This was another great show that should have had a longer run.
Peter in 2003 and 1984. Difference?
Getting back to Press Your Luck, I taped three episodes just before USA whammied it out of their afternoon schedule after eight durable years. I finally got GSN in 2000 and there was no Press Your Luck nor Peter Tomarken on the schedule. My (and every PYL fans') prayers were answered when GSN picked up episodes of this wonderful program. The bad part was, as soon as the episodes began, I was already away in college. I would always tape an episode whenever I can at home. Being the Press Your Luck fan that I am, I have not seen the Michael Larson episodes until I taped "Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal." And I must say, this was a thrill ride. It was interesting to realize that even Peter Tomarken was in total shock during Michael's spins.
I congratulate Peter and all of those who worked on Press Your Luck and Whammy! during their years of production and reruns.
Peter hosting the question round for Ed Long, James Larson, and Janie Litras on a Whammy! "Larson Revenge" episode. Peter recalling his senses during the Larson spins.
It is great to see that Peter does have credibility to host these wonderful shows, emcee the Whammy! question round with Ed, James, and Janie, and make a very significant contribution to the game show industry.
I recently seen him on a Frosted Mini-Wheats commercial as a talk show host and on some real estate site.
What a host we will surely miss.
On March 14, 2006, I was about to leave my job for the day, reading my Ultimate Game Show Book. One of my co-workers told me that a game show host from the 80's was killed in a plane crash that he piloted. I lost my breath because I didn't hear about it before. When I went home, I cheked the news for two hours but to no avail. I did catch a second of a plane that went down, but I still didn't know who it was. I went to a friend's house and checked because I know they can get instant game show news and whatnot. I saw "Press Your Luck host killed in a plane crash". I almost had a heart attack when I saw those words. The one host who hosted my all time favorite television (game) show is no more. What a tragedy! As I write this page, I am in black pants, wearing my Big Bucks T-shirt with a Whammy that is crossed out holding a bomb. To add insult to injury, the four men who made Press Your Luck what it was is in game show heaven: Peter Tomarken, Rod Roddy, Michael Larson, and creator William Carruthers. God Bless them and their families.