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For the past few years, I wanted to watch the game shows that have previously aired on the Family Channel and USA before they were all defunct in 1995. When I found out there was a way to watch these shows again--by tape trading-- I decided to give it a try. So, from that day forward, I've been recording game shows in order to obtain a copy of the ones that I wanted to see.
Shows that I recorded came from their original brodcasts, repeats, Game Show Network, and other stations.
Episodes with a number and a decimal signifies the tape number and the location on the tape. I figured this was a better way to organize my tapes after Tape 55. I will try to do the same for the rest of the shows in the future.
I have other game shows on other tapes that are not in the collection. I will also list those in the future.
E-mail me anytime at for a trade or whatnot.
A Collection of more than 4,000 episodes, clips, etc. and counting as of September 17, 2007!
Trading Status: Open
Good Traders
: Jason H., Aaron W., Greg D., Paul D., Jeffrey H., Kim K., Leonard S., Mickey S. , Michael T. etc.

Since I have purchased a DVD recorder, I may be able to make DVD requests. 
Caution: Not every episode I tape is complete. There may be a significant amount missing on some shows. To make sure there are aren't any problems in the future, the flaw may be listed by the show entry. Also, some of the tapes recorded before 2001 may have some tracking problems. Plus, I may not have access to some entries. I'll check these flaws out before confirimng a trade request.
*My Press Your Luck Collection is based on a duplication of Jason Hernandez's PYL episode guide found at